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Katerina Valsamaki Architects

Architect ΑΑ Dipl. MTEE

Katerina Valsamaki studied at the London Architectural Assosiation, from where she graduated in 1984.

Since 1990 she runs her own office-studio in Athens -Katerina Valsamaki Architects-, focusing on the study and construction of private projects that include new buildings, refurbishments, and renovations of interior spaces.

The studio's design philosophy is to create the kind of architecture that facilitates a beautiful life. Architecture is about people, and should produce unique living experiences. After all, the sense of intimacy that a space generates to its residents is what reveals the seamless features of the architectural design and is a trait of its quality.

Our principles are simplicity, functionality, timelessness, continuity between the interior and the exterior space, spatial enlargement, and the manipulation of both the natural and the artificial light as a catalyst in the design.

Each project constitutes a unique challenge and requires a different approach in relation to the environment (natural and urban), its use and the aspirations of the occupants. The range of the design expands on every scale, with emphasis in detail, from the initial concept to the completion of the construction.

Our projects have received many distinctions, participated at B and C Biennale of young architects and various architectural exhibitions, while they have been widely published in Greece and abroad, in magazines, books and online.

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